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A film by Pablo J. Cosco

At Christmas, a group of friends get together to commemorate the suicide of their friend Lucas and have a party like the ones they used to have with drinks, music and presents, but there may be an invisible friend invited that none of them are expecting.

Running time: to be announced

Genre: Horror : Serial killers

Category: Feature Film

Year: 2022

Country: Spain

Director: Pablo Javier Cosco

Script: Jordi Arencón, Juanjo del Junco

Music: Joan Martorell

Photography: Ona Isart, Marta Mulas
Cast: Ariadna Cabrol, Candela Antón, Max Marieges, Tony Martínez, Matt Posada, Jorge Oubel, Joaquín Castellano, Anna Bermejo

Co-producers: Apocalipsis Producciones, Laca Producciones

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