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Salomon's Legacy

A documental by Keep Movie & Apocalipsis Producciones 

On the Colombian Pacific coast, hidden between the sea and the jungle, lies the Utría inlet, a place of hope for the conservation of the planet due to its exuberant biological diversity and the cultural richness of its communities.


There, on Solomon's Island, Absalón Caisamo was born, and as a child he learned to freedive. Today he is witnessing the threat of plastic endangering the ecosystem of the Gulf of Tribugá. As he observes the indifference of the population towards the issue of conservation and the ignorance of the leaders to face the problem, Absalon's frustration grows, plunging him into a strong emotional fall that leads him to fall prey to the vices of his people.


To free himself from this state and regain "the rudder of his thoughts" he writes a collection of verses and poems that reconnect him with his inner self and with his father's philosophy, the goodness of protecting and sharing the territory, which is known as the "Legacy of Solomon".


He decides to confront the plastic monster by creating an environmental education and recycling project with the children of his community, who for him are the hope of the Gulf of Tribugá. In a mythical boat the children explore the ecosystem and relive Absalon's fantastic adventures with his scientist and documentary friends, sharing Solomon's Legacy and teaching how we can live in harmony with our planet.


Language: Spanish

Audience: young people, adults

Genre: Documentary

Country: Colombia

Director: Jose Baron 

Script: Sergio, Alex and Jordi Arencón


Status: In production

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