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Apocalipsis Producciones

Apocalipsis Producciones was born in 2018 with the aim of creating audiovisual content from the very origin of the idea to the final editing point. We strive for our commitment to the quality of the productions we make, from the script to the aesthetics, whatever the genre. 

We began our journey with the feature film Bellezonismo (2019), a comedy of relative humour by Jordi Arencón. After its presentation, we found it interesting to coproduce the short film The Last Matador (2021), made using the stop motion technique, which we presented at the Krakow Film Festival and won the mention for ''Best animated film/short film''.

Our latest published co-production is entitled The Coffee Table (2022) by Caye Casas, and has been ranked as the world's most awarded genre film of 2023. It has won awards such as "Best International Film in the Competitive Section" "White Raven" at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival; "Best Direction" (for Caye Casas) and "Best Acting" (for David Pareja and Estefanía de los Santos) at the HorrorFest International Film Festival in Utah; among other mentions. It has also been defined as ''The most surprising and traumatic film of the year'' and ''The creepiest proposal, bordering on, if not reaching, the category of masterpiece'', and it has been considered ''It is chilling, horror, the real one, needs no artifice''. It is undoubtedly in the genre of cruel horror.

Returning to horror, we find AmigoInvisible, a feature film in post-production by Pablo J. Cosco, where a group of friends meet a year after the suicide of Lucas, a member of the same group. Soon the murders begin, precipitating the emergence of internal tensions and buried individual miseries.

Exceeding expectations is one of our challenges, we are coproducinganimation projects, such as The Freakids; this series is multilingual, will be translated into 3 languages (English, Spanish and Chinese) and is aimed at children from 4 to 7 years old.We also have a 2D animated horror film in development, Sinalma, which is a co-production with Hampa Studio. We are excited to highlight that we are in progress on a very powerful documentary, Solomon's Legacy, co-produced with Keep Movie, where "A conservationist fisherman and a crew of children must save the natural sanctuary they inhabit''.


That's why we are Apocalipsis Producciones, because every film is a cinematic phenomenon that redefines the limits of imagination.

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