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A film by Caye Casas

Jesús and María are a couple going through a difficult time in their relationship. However, they have just become parents. To give shape to their new life, they decide to buy a new coffee table. A decision that will change their existence.

Length: 01h 31min

Genre: Horror | Cruel 

Category: Feature Film

Year: 2022

Country: Spain

Direction: Caye Casas

Script: Cristina Borobia, Caye Casas

Music: Bambikina

Photography: Alberto Morago
Cast: Estefanía de los Santos, David Pareja, Claudia Riera, Josep Riera, Eduardo Antuña, Gala Flores, Itziar Castro, Cristina Dilla, Claudia Font, Paco Benjumea, Emilio Gavira

Coproduction: La Charito Films, Alhena Produccion and Apocalipsis Producciones. 



- Anima Brussels International Animation Film Festival (BIFFF)

     Best Film/Short Film

- International Fantastic Film Festival of Porto Alegre (FIFF)

    Best Screenplay and Best Leading Actor

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